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Playing With Fire: The Exhibition

about the exhibition

Playing With Fire is a major interactive, immersive experience that examines the remarkable career of theater and film artist Julie Taymor, who has emerged as among the most innovative artists of her generation. From her early roots in vanguard theater, to her stunning success as Tony-award winning director of Disney’s stage production of The Lion King, the Metropolitan Opera's perennial The Magic Flute, and the Academy Award nominated film TITUS, the breathtaking sweep and originality of Taymor’s vision has captured audiences and critics alike. 

Taymor’s genius lies in her ability to weave disparate cultural threads into a rich and vibrant tapestry, encompassing the full range of human experience and sensation. Her mastery of multiple disciplines (as sculptor, theater director, filmmaker, writer, choreographer, and designer), along with her adventurous approach to new forms of expression, has forged an entirely original artistic language. Like Alice falling through the rabbit hole, museum goers will be taken through a journey into a immersive world that captures the aura of spectacle that Taymor invariably summons in each of her distinct works along with her design collaborators and performers.

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